You can make your purchases on our site by choosing from the following payment methods:


To buy online without having to type your credit card details on the site. The account is debited when the order is completed. To register a new account PayPal, visit the


If you don't have PayPal account and you don't plan to activate it at the moment but want to pay with any credit card, still select your PayPal. After the first screen, you'll be asked whether to use your PayPal account to proceed with the transaction or if you want to pay without sign-up. Choose this mode and you will be asked for your email only to notify you of the outcome and identifiers of the transaction.


You can also pay by bank transfer, the coordinates will be communicated to you on video and by email after the confirmation of your order. The shipment will take place after receipt of the transfer itself (1 - 2 days from execution).

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