you get there by entering the Pisan hills just adjacent to the Livorno area that runs along the Etruscan coast in front of that wonderful puzzle of islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Lying a few minutes drive from Cecina, between Casale Marittimo and Guardistallo with its 20 hectares of crops, olive trees and woods surrounding the old farmhouse, formerly the seat of an old monastery with an adjoining chapel and parish church, now renovated and externally restored to the original stone walls, while inside are arranged on two floors, seven traditional apartments available to guests.

From up there on sunny summer days you can enjoy a wonderful climate between the morning breezes of the land that already at dawn touch the centuries-old cypresses around the church, the olive trees and the more distant wood that descends towards the valleys to the sea, and then changes in the breeze from the mistral to the more brackish ones from the west that fade in the evening, with poignant and unforgettable sunsets that light up in the west, against the background of the sea.


The graphic inspiration for the creation of this Logo was born from sensations and perceptions created after the first talks with the family.

Speaking with Roberto, Annamaria, Stefano and Francesco, wills, passions and dreams emerged which, although filtered by different personal sensibilities, all led to a single common denominator. In sancrito, this state of mind translates into a single word defined as "itai doshin" (different bodies, same mind).


The first thing that emerged clear and disruptive in our meeting, is the great desire for change of the Fop family, looking for a work activity steeped in the relationship between man and nature, eco-sustainable, to be handed down to children and grandchildren .

Living in a more welcoming environment gives meaning to life, rediscovers the human dimension and, at the same time, undertakes a sincere and virtuous path from an environmental point of view.

All this represents a clear concept, the important signal that the family strongly expresses and feels to transmit to the users of this structure; a subliminal content within every detail, every corner of the landscape, of smells and colors that appear and change moment by moment, in this little corner of paradise.

All together united in a path with a common dream.


We are happy to have obtained this first place award that we share with our friends and loyal customers, also because it repays us for the sacrifices we spend every day to improve our crops, taking care and protecting our olive trees in a natural way from insects and parasites. , taking care of the pruning and cleaning of our olive groves.

The fragrance and appearance of our oil fills us with pride, its scents are released when we taste it in its sensorial simplicity on small croutons of good local bread or combined with any dish of meat, fish or vegetables.

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